Sunday, 8 November 2009

The start of the beginning of the end

It's been a busy start to my last year at art school and i apologies for my lack of commitment to this blog. Thank you to the followers, my audience, who legitimise me putting the time to write bad english and show you attempts of an 'Art' practise.

I've been looking for an opportunity to sell or display the prints i did over summer (5th June Modulation post). I received a phone call/email asking me to install some drawings in a coffee shop near George's square, Freshhh. Although it was late notice, maybe a day, i thought it would be good to grab the opportunity and just accept.

I didn't really have a clue what the space looked like, how bigger space i had, whether it was in the coffee shop or if there was a gallery space etc.

I'd just finished work. Taxi - Home. Pick framed drawings up. Art school to pick up tools for installation and other drawings to optimise space if needed. Susie (help needed). Coffee shop.

The space was nothing what i had in mind, a small basement space with off peach walls covered in marks. This is not me complaining, simply admiring the fact that i thought this might be some Hugely glamours first artists like start to a 'real' career.

Susie was very kind and helped me decide how to display them. The final out come as shown.

Since it was the week of the Merchant City Festival and there was also a big opening of some sort in the coffee shop, we had the option to advertise/sell the work.

I didn't get any takers.


Meet my Studio wall.

The drawings are the back bone to my current work. Drawing as previously stated, have never been my forte. However times change and so do artistic inhibitions.

There's still no conceptualism to my work.

I feel due to the type of course I'm studying it involves me to have some sort of conceptualism around my work - but i don't, and i'm not going to panic about that.

2D to 3D


These models are from the drawings done earlier on in the year, (again see Modulation Post).

To really muddle all this up, as i was drawing and making models, i also decided to organise a group exhibition for 4th year - any one could choose to be part of the exhibition or not.

I wanted the exhibition to be a good opportunity for the year to once again work as a team, show some work, drink some cheap wine and have a good time.

Compared to a previous exhibition i had organised last year "All of a Sudden", i wanted this exhibition to be coherent and lucid. I wanted it to feel like an opening. Not just a bunch of students throwing work together.

"All of a Sudden" was badly put together, more so just in terms of where the work was placed around the building - it all felt exceptionally displaced and had no real bond with any of the works.

"A Working Way Forward" Exhibition poster

I new in my head exactly what i wanted the exhibition to be like. Sounds corny but i could feel precisely the atmosphere i wanted during the opening.
Everyone who new what they were doing had been given a wall or floor space, those who hadn't were willing to work with others to come to an agreement as to where their work would be placed during the final few days.

My priorities for the exhibition were not the art work. It was simply everyone having a good time.
Lighting and background music were essentials for the event to be spot on.

Thanks to everyone who contributed, helped or came along to the exhibition.


It was a pretty manic week, organising the exhibition, preparing my sculpture and amongst that my brother came up to glasgow after coming home from japan so i had quite a had full to entertain.

I have big ambitions for my next sculpture/installation, and it's nice to be once again excited by the work i'm creating.