Sunday, 29 March 2009

Public Art Project ( The Rise and Fall )

Meet Clive.

Clive is the sad state of my public art project. After continuously attempting to get a site, GMPU Building and pound land, i had to resort to alternative last minute options.

Clive comes from a small yorkshire A.S.D.A. store where he was purchased for my 18th birthday.

After so much negotiation with no good out come i re
alised all are efforts had gone to a complete waste. I suppose the learning curve was, be persistent and start the process as soon as possible.

Me and Richard Martin had desided we were going to venture on this conquest as a duo as it would help ease both our minds with two people working to get one site.

Pound-Mart on Sauchiehall street - 

Incredibly helpful and very friendly, in the first stages all that was required was Public Liability which the school of art could cover us under.
Ecstatic we were, 2 weeks before we need to show work we felt like we were finally getting some where.

The store manager receives confirmation from the people above him saying the liability didn't cover enough, something along the lines of they wanted the cover from their insurers and not the school of art.


The GPMU Building. 

This building had always been our first passion, Disused, Character and enough space to house the work of the entire Fine Art department.

This was the one.

We went into the bar to try and get some information as of whom to contact about getting access and beginning the negotiations. 

Winston was the janitor of the place, checking for mail and just having a general look about to avoid break ins etc.
Luckily Winston drank in the Morrisons Bar below.  we both decided hanging about and waiting for Winston as it would be our easiest option of getting inside and taking some photos.
When winston arrived he was more then happy to give us information about the building and let us gain access. 

The place was fantastic, huge conferences areas, old decrepit rooms with holes in.

It was perfect.

One thing we never took in was with it being a Union its practically owned by everyone one whose part of it. I.e contact with anyone was extremely limited.

We had no look trying to get in touch with any one who could even have a conversation with us so we had to resort to GSA contacts. Our tutor said we should get in touch with another member of staff as they may know some one who might be able to help.

To cut along story short. she was very little help what so ever. 

Which is why Clive evolved. 

Clive essential became my alter-ego.

Enough said.

A.R.T. [ Arranging Restriction's Temperamentally ]

Short Post...

Following on from the last post i decided to carry on experimenting with light and how the viewer entered and moved around a sound installation. 
Drawing isn't usually something i enjoy however as of 1st term i realised it was really helpful in the progression of moving work forward.

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