Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Change Change Change

So alot of stuff has been going on in the last 10 months or so...

To keep you up to speed, i recently showed some work at the RCA in Edinburgh, Sadly the work i sent up was damaged in transit and as a result the work looked pretty rough as you'll see in the photo below.

None the less the experience was great, on top of seeing pals and visiting scotland once again the entire trip wasn't a loss.

So what else has happened.

After moving down to london to work in PR and Event management i came to realise, as my quality of life slowly declined, it was time to quit that exciting but poorly paid life.

So the plan now is to build of body of work up here, clear my debt and form a plan to move back down soon...

Here's a few images i took whilst down there. And a few as to where i'm at now.

I'll be back down south soon...