Monday, 16 August 2010

Glasgow Fleeto Exhibit at Shoreditch Town Hall Basement


Glasgow Fleeto / Shoreditch Town Hall Basement

The preparation towards this exhibition was some what none existent. With no flat, no possessions to hand and very little money, along side full time hours, motivation and time were very difficult to come by.

None the less, I thought it would be a good opportunity to try a similar idea to what i'm planning on doing in leeds. Since it's the first time the work will travel away from the city of glasgow i want to get a feeling for exactly what i'm looking to do and how it can be done.

Glasgow Fleeto Exhibition

I decided against trying to find more information about the space provided since i already had a round about idea of what it is i wanted to do regardless of what space i would be presented with to work in.

Unit 12 - 43m

Big thanks to Alice Brook for the Photography and shipment of the hod!